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Beeing Installed

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Fleeting World


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Artist Statement

This work explores the relationship between bees and humans, while using perspective, illusion, and interaction to illuminate the self in our fleeting delicate world.
I dug deep into the fascinating world of bees. I became filled with admiration, and fascination. Bees pollinate most of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Their hard work and dedication to the hive is inspiring.
There are many Depictions and myths about bees throughout history. Early African cave drawings depict harvesters climbing cliffs to reach the sweet honey. In Egyptian lore the human sprit leaves in the form of a bee. The Greeks thought mead was the drink of the gods. Napoleon wrapped himself in a robe embroidered with golden bees.
Honeybees are attracted to light. A bee will only leave the hive during the day and, if trapped in a person’s home, will faithfully pursue the light; with no understanding of the barrier we call glass. In addition to using light sensitive materials in this portfolio I am also using light as the subject matter. The boxes I have made are little worlds of life and energy.
As a child I read everything I could on black holes, planets, gravity, and the speed of light. I figured out that the universe was too big to understand how big it was. The stars we see today are only an illusion of space, time, and light. As I look at myself and I look at our world I wonder what a larger being would think of our society. Would it look with wonder as we look at bees?

Friday, April 18, 2008

Mechanical Bees

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Frankish King, Childeric I died 481

In 1653 when childeric's tomb was opened three hundred golden bees were found inside.

Napoleon was later inspired by this discovery, and adorned himself with royal golden bees.



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MAREY films IX insects

The Sacred Bee in Ancient times and folklore

No creature has provided man with so much wholesome food as the honey bee. Equally impressive is the number of beliefs and superstitions the industrious insect has inspired. Its honey, which was known to ancient Greeks as the "Food of the Gods," played an important role in early religious rites and was also mentioned in the copiouly illustrated study focused on this valuable by-product of nature and its creater-the "sacred" bee.


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Beeing-Showing in Cambridge

Bee in jar

Ted Swiet

Ted Swiet's websight

Globe and Comb

The Queen Must Die And Other Affairs of Bees and Men

Willim Longgood "The Queen Must Die And Other Affairs of Bees and Men"
book is about those marvelous and perverse creatures, the bees. In a
larger sense it is an appreciation of the daily miracles we dismiss as
commonplace or overlook altogether, a minute examination of the small
better tounderstand the larger canvas of life.
Bees are more than a hobby; they are a life study, in many respects a mirror of our own society."

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Beeing Movie


Collodion Bee

Shelby with Bee

wet plate collodion

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Adam Makarenko


-Kristen Hatgi

Blind Melon - No Rain (C) 1993 CAPITOL RECORDS

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